Washington State Cancer Registry

In 1990, RCW 70.54.230 made cancer a reportable condition in Washington and mandated the Department of Health to establish a statewide cancer registry program. Under this mandate, the Department established the Washington State Cancer Registry (WSCR) in 1991. The registry is dedicated to fulfillment of the legislative intent " establish a system to accurately monitor the incidence of cancer in the state of Washington for the purposes of understanding, controlling, and reducing the occurrence of cancer in this state." In 1995, WSCR received funding through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Program of Central Cancer Registries. This program is designed to standardize data collection and provide information for cancer prevention and control programs at the local, state and national levels.

Cancer incidence and mortality data by site and region are available for 1993 (hard copy only), and 1994 through 2014. Age- and sex-specific rates and stage at diagnosis are also available. Data requests are welcome or you may select one of the rate types in the menu to the left for immediate access to county and statewide data incidence and mortality data.

Washington State Cancer Registry

Learn more about the registry, how we collect cancer data, and how we protect patient privacy.


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