The Washington Cancer Partnership has a number of projects that are completed, in progress or in development.

The 80% by 2018 Colon Cancer Screening Challenge has two components; a state agency challenge between the stage agencies and a statewide employer challenge for all other employers.

Washingtonians have high rates of skin cancer (melanoma), especially in the cloudiest counties. If the Puget Sound were a state, it would have the fifth highest skin cancer rate in the nation. To let our citizens know about the need for sun safety, even on a cloudy day, we led a successful media campaign in the summer of 2014. We are getting ready for a similar campaign in 2016.

We are supporting the Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition's efforts to relaunch their statewide prostate cancer efforts.

We have created materials to help health systems to implement cancer survivorship and palliative care plans.