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You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention.

You can help protect future generations of men and women from devastating HPV-related cancers. Vaccination can prevent most of these cancers. As a healthcare professional, you’re a trusted source of information. By making a strong recommendation for HPV vaccination when kids are 11 and 12 years old, you will help close the door on HPV-related cancers. Below, find resources for you and your patients.

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Materials for Your Practice and Your Patients

HPV-HIV Provider Toolkit

Details:  People who are immunocompromised or HIV-positive are at greater risk for HPV infection. Providers can help protect immunocompromised and HIV-positive patients by routinely recommending and administering HPV immunization. The materials in this toolkit will help providers start the conversation and strongly recommend HPV vaccine to their immunocompromised and HIV-positive patients.

Target Audience:  

  • Healthcare providers and health educators
  • Individuals who have HIV infection or are immunocompromised
  • Other agencies and organizations

Toolkit Contents:

  1. HPV-HIV Provider Letter (PDF)
  2. Start the Conversation about HPV (PDF)
  3. HPV-HIV Key Points (PDF)
  4. Routine HPV Vaccine (PDF)
  5. IAC Vaccines for Adults with HIV Infection-English (PDF)
  6. IAC Vaccines for Adults with HIV Infection-Spanish (PDF)
  7. IAC HPV Vaccine: A Guide for Young Adults-English (PDF)
  8. IAC HPV Vaccine: A Guide for Young Adults-Spanish (PDF)

IMage about "starting the conversation about HV"Image about "starting the conversation about HPV" 2nd page.

Additional Materials for Your Practice and Your Patients 

HPV Policies Information

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