History, Mission & Vision

In 2001, the Washington State Department of Health formed the Comprehensive Cancer Control Partnership. Since then, the name has changed to Washington Cancer Partnership. We are a diverse group of cancer stakeholders committed to cancer prevention and control. Our passion pushes us to utilize our unique skills and expertise to make a difference in the lives of people affected by cancer. As a united force in Washington State, we’re listening and responding in order to make fighting cancer achievable, advocating equal access to all for quality prevention and early diagnosis, treatment, end of life care, and survivorship resources and support.

Our Vision Statement is that in Washington State, citizens:

  • Will not get preventable cancer.
  • With detectable cancers are diagnosed in the earliest stage of the disease and given state-of-the-art care to assure their survival and quality of life.
  • In the end stages of incurable cancers are cared for in a way that maximizes the quality of their life and death.
  • Fully support research to understand the causes of cancers and improving prevention, early detection, treatment, and palliation.